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Prune Juice: Nikki Leigh

Nikki Leigh, slays a sick Prune sesh with Photog' Jeffrey Moustache and Albert The Snake.

Editor: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

Photography: Jeffrey Moustache @jmoustache

Hair: Edson Ibarra @edson_doeshair

Makeup: Erik Torppe @eriktorppe

Wardrobe: Jesse J x Amanda Le @jessejcollections x @amandattle

Interview: Dylan Rubinstein @dylanjader

Prune: You have an incredible range of work. Let’s start with modeling. You dreamed of becoming a Playmate, and you succeeded. Talk to me about your experience with Playboy.

Nikki: It was amazing. I really love the empowerment of women, and it’s really relevant to right now. I feel women are beautiful – everyone is beautiful – and to get a chance to represent that in a classy way and become a centerfold was really an aspiration of mine, all for the right reasons. It was beautiful to accomplish. The test shoot was my first modeling, which is really crazy. It was something I wanted to do, and I was there. That is how I approach everything. If I have the opportunity, why not jump on it?

Prune: You previously hosted on Fantasy Sports Radio, showing your broad range of interests, and are a self-proclaimed “sports nut.” What is your favorite sport?

Nikki: People of the industry really understood how into sports I was. They were able to get me on a show as a cohost, and it was so much fun. For my favorite sport – it just depends. I love going to hockey games and big rivalry football games. With friends, it’s always fun to go to a baseball game. On TV, I prefer NFL – for hockey, I’d rather be there.

Prune: Alongside being a sports fan, you’re an athlete yourself. What is the significance of fitness in your life?

Nikki: I’ve always been very active, from a young age. When I was little, I started gymnastics, and ended up trying different sports. I played softball for a long time, as well as cheer and dance. Just being active always has been very important, and my mom instilled that in me. She works out every morning. When you get that workout in the morning, you feel better, and you get rid of the negative.

Prune: Time to switch gears. Your acting career has also taken off. Most recently we’ve seen you in Open Marriage. Talk to me about this movie.

Nikki: It’s so fun. Everybody is so interested, it’s really amazing. Just the title in general. It opened in January and is still running. I love how it touches on a subject that people are really interested in. It’s the openness of the new world.

Prune: What is it like to transition from small parts in shows such as NCIS and Two and A Half Men to lead roles in a movie?

Nikki: The biggest transition is the amount of responsibility. I love being able to see myself through an entire film, I think that is awesome. I loved being a real character that you get to see grow and expand. You really get to understand my characters, as opposed to popping on for a moment. I love expressing people’s stories and becoming somebody else.

Prune: If you could act alongside anyone current, who would it be?

Nikki: I love Kristen Wiig. She is so funny.

Prune: Aside from your heavy workload, what are your other interests?

Nikki: My dog. Definitely my dog, Kodi. He is just a great heart and soul, so I try to spend time with him as much as I can. I love being outside. Whether a park or a beach, I’m always trying to do that. Staying up on my craft is something I enjoy as well, trying to figure out what I can do to better myself. Traveling, too. If it wasn’t for traveling I wouldn’t survive.

Prune: Let’s talk fashion. What is your everyday style?

Nikki: A good pair of comfortable jeans and a nice t shirt. I like to be comfortable.

Prune: What are your three favorite trends at the moment?

Nikki: I love leather. I love a pop of color. Denim is really good right now too.

Prune: Finally, fashion pruning. What trend would you like to eliminate all together?

Nikki: The “bromper” or whatever it is. The male romper, that can just go.





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