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Prune Juice: Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan from CW's The 100 open's up to Prune Magazine about "acting bootcamp", female empowerment and shares a unique secret for her fandom.

Photo Credit: Rowan Daly

Makeup: Elle Leary

Styling: Chris Horhan

Interview: Dylan Rubinstein

PRUNE: Season four of The 100 returns tonight. What can viewers expect?

LM: This episode is a game changer, it really paces the end of the season. It is a pivotal one to watch.

PRUNE: You play Raven Reyes. How has Raven developed and changed throughout the seasons?

LM: Raven has changed so much throughout all the seasons. Every season she has a really significant part that evolves her character to so much more. This season is really interesting for Raven because she’s never been a leader the way Bellamy or Clarke have. She’s taking a bigger leadership role upon herself because she’s disagreeing with the way Clarke and Bellamy are governing the 100. She’s finding out firsthand how difficult it is to be a leader, and the burden that comes with it. Raven has a very acute reaction to everything, you’ll see she shuts down a bit from being a leader and takes another path – a more selfish path.

PRUNE: Raven has an edgy personality. In what ways are you and your character similar in real life?

LM: She’s real sassy. She’s never afraid to get in a fight or confrontation. I am sassy, but it takes a while for me to get into confrontation. I give people a lot of chances, whereas Raven really doesn’t. We are both pretty fierce, pretty strong, and independent.

PRUNE: Women are often portrayed in a certain way on TV. Raven breaks that mold as a mechanical engineer. What does it mean to you to represent female empowerment?

LM: It’s one of my favorite aspects of the show, and my favorite aspect of playing Raven. It’s cool because it’s such a rare opportunity. I see it as my life mission to keep promoting it because every female in my life is very strong, independent, and intelligent. I think that’s a more accurate representation of femininity than the role of a damsel in distress.

PRUNE: Prior to The 100, you played Kristina Davis in General Hospital. What did starring in a long-time running TV show teach you?

LM: I feel like a lot of soap operas get a bad reputation and don’t get the credit they deserve. I would have to memorize thirty pages a night. You’re basically performing a new play every single day. It’s live taped and you have five cameras on you at all times. With film and movies, you get the luxury of time, editing, and post production. You don’t get that in soap operas. If people looked at them that way, I think they’d respect them more. I really learned to sink or swim, I look back on it as a boot camp. There were definitely times it tested me, but I am grateful for that experience because it made me feel like I am ready for anything.

PRUNE: General Hospital and The 100 are completely different. Do you enjoy having diversity in your roles as an actress?

LM: Oh, definitely. I think it promotes that I have range. As an artist it’s fun to play different things and different people and express myself, that is something I enjoy.

PRUNE: Let’s backtrack. You originally attended college at the University of Texas, but decided to leave to pursue your acting career. How did you make this bold decision?

LM: There was a small film community in Austin, and they did a couple of projects there including Friday Night Lights. I was a cheerleader extra on the show, and then I got an audition for a series regular. I got really close, it was down to me and the girl that got it, and up to that point I had nothing on my resume. It gave me that blissfully ignorant push that I could do it. I think you need that, and that was my big push.

PRUNE: If they were to make a movie about your life, who would play you?

LM: Oh my god. Jessica Alba, just because I’d want her to be me.

PRUNE: Who inspires you as an actress?

LM: Oh, so many. Meryl Streep obviously. Kate Winslet is one of my favorites. Daniel Day Lewis. Those are my top three.

PRUNE: You recently attended Coachella. Who is your favorite musical artist at the moment?

LM: I really love Majid Jordan. I saw him there, and I got his album. He’s so great.

PRUNE: Outside of acting, what can you often be found doing?

LM: Probably something active. Running, boxing, hiking, I like to do things of that nature.

PRUNE: What is one thing most fans do not know about you?

LM: I have four baby teeth still. It’s a genetic disease. They’re like adult teeth, they will never fall out.

PRUNE: Aside from The 100, do what upcoming projects do you have?

LM: I do, a movie. I can’t say much. It hasn’t been announced yet. It’s a complete 180 from Raven, so it will be pretty cool.

Catch Lindsey Morgan on "The 100" tonight at 9/8c on CW

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