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Prune It: Emmalyn Estrada

Art Direction: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

Photographer: Samantha Annis @samanthannis

Talent: Emmalyn Estrada @emmalynestrada

Styling: Jamar Hart @jamar_hart

Makeup:Nicolette Fernandez @nicolette4beauty

Hair: Edson Ibarra @edson_doeshair

Interview: Dylan Rubinstein @dylanjader

Trigger Warning: fishnets under jeans

Prune: Prune Magazine asks our favorite celebrities to do some “fashion pruning” and cut awful trends. What current trends would you like to get rid of?

Emmalyn: I’ve been seeing this a lot lately – and I did this months before it was cool –fishnet stockings under the jeans. People wear them up to their mid-section now. I get it’s sexy and can be cool, but also, stop. I’m seeing it too much now, there’s no use to have those anymore.

Prune: Fans can also catch a glimpse of your amazing style on your Instagram. How would you describe your day-to-day wardrobe?

Emmalyn: It’s been changing a lot lately, I’ve been a lot more girly in the last few days. I’ve been feeling feminine and wanting to show off my curves a little bit. Some days I just want to wear sweats and sneakers and a hat. I just like to be more comfortable, almost always braless, just comfy and cute.

Prune: Fashion wise, who is your style icon?

Emmalyn: Honestly, Rihanna. She is killing it. I want all of her outfits, especially from fashion week. She just gets it. She really knows how to style herself, and I only want to achieve such an amazing aesthetic of mixing feminine and edgy and badass and cool and sexy and all of it. That’s what I want.

Prune: What are your three favorite trends at the moment?

Emmalyn: I’ve been really into chokers lately, although that’s a trend that I think is about to fade very quickly. I have two full closets full of chokers. I’ve been wearing all sorts of jackets, off the shoulder, more baggy and cool. It just adds a little something to my outfit, or it covers my butt when I don’t want to wear pants. Oversized clothing I’ve also been wearing a lot of. I like to wear heels at the bottom so I’m a little feminine. A little manly on top and sexy on the bottom, that’s one of my things as well.





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