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C'est Prune: Charlie Depew

Photography: Sarah Mireya

Styling: Michael St. Michael

Mens Grooming: Erik Torppe

Hair: Alex Thao

Interview: Dylan Rubinstein

Dude, you’re going to be famous.

Prune: Lets talk about your upcoming projects, obviously with Famous in Love being the big one.

Charlie DePew: Famous in Love is basically about a girl Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne) who is studying economics at a school called CMU (similar to LMU). Her best friend, Cassie, got an open call audition for a movie called Locked, which is like Twilight in a way. Cassie takes Paige with her, and Paige ends up booking it and becoming an overnight celebrity. I play her best friend at home. Cassie, myself, and (Paige) are the three amigos (that’s what we call ourselves). My character is a screenwriter who is trying to come up in LA as well. It’s very Entourage-like, but with a lot of teen drama.

Prune: Can you relate to the shows situation at all? Have you been thrown into the fame and has your life changed a lot since becoming famous?

Charlie DePew: I’m not necessarily famous. I know that the show, once it comes out, will have a huge impact on my life. But, since it isn’t out yet, the main thing I notice that is weird are my friends. My best friends are like “oh my god dude you’re going to be famous, this is crazy”. It’s weird because I’m always mirroring what I’m feeling from them. I know it’s a big deal and I know it’s crazy, but since nothing has really changed yet, I haven’t felt it a whole lot. I was at a café with Bella (Thorne) a few months ago and it was the first time I had ever had paparazzi taking pictures of us. I never had a paparazzo snap a photo of me and I got chills running through my body, because it was a really weird experience. Not much has changed, but it will.

Blazer - Mister Triple X

Shirt - 227

Pants - Mister Triple X

Prune: Talk to me about Bella Thorne, who is a very hot commodity at the moment. What is it like working with her, and having a friendship with her?

Charlie DePew: Bella is great, Bella is awesome. She is so dope. She has a tattoo of a heart on her shoulder meaning “heart on my sleeve” and she definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. Her emotions are so outward, but at the same time she can control them so well, which is why she is able to cry on command. She’s so good at that stuff. She doesn’t give a fuck what people say about her, she really doesn’t care. In that way she is really strong, and it’s admirable.

Prune: I know you guys were in the Bahamas together for New Years which definitely sparked dating rumors. Can you clear that up?

Charlie DePew: No, we are not dating. The only time we’ve kissed has been on TV. With the Bahamas, it was December 26th and I was considering going to Snowglobe Music Festival because a lot of my friends were coming. I asked if she wanted to come with me, but she was like “oh man I don’t know if I can come, but do you want to come to the Bahamas?” So I was like yes, definitely yes to Bahamas. That was fun and super spontaneous. But yeah, no dating, no dating. We are just good friends.

Shirt/Vest - Odaingerous

Prune: If we were going to make a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

Charlie DePew: Oh, good question. Can it be a past actor?

Prune: Yes, it can be anyone.

Charlie DePew: Marlon Brando (young). Whenever I think about that, I think a lot about looks. I think Marlon Brando has a very similar chin to me. So yeah, I’ll stick with that.

Blazer - Dunyah

Prune: Aside from acting, you have a lot of hobbies. You’re a DJ, you cook, you play sports. Let’s talk music first. Is DJing more than a hobby for you, and is music a big importance to you?

Charlie DePew: DJing I did as a kid entirely for the money. When I was in seventh grade, I invested in some CDJ mixer type things and got pretty good at mixing. So as an eighth grader I was making $400 a night and DJing five-ten times a year, which for an eighth grade is phenomenal money. Now, I’m actually producing music. I’ve been working on a few songs, and I’m excited. It will be so cool.

Prune: Definitely. Moving on, I was watching behind the scenes footage of Famous in Love and heard you are the funny person on set who likes to make jokes. Have you done any crazy pranks to your cast mates?

Charlie DePew: I do a lot of practical jokes, but not pranks. My costar Nikki did pull a horrible prank on me. I’m not sure if you got to see that. My brother came to set one day, and it was his one day on set. I’m shooting a scene and I come out and he’s not there anymore. The PA comes up to me and says, “Charlie I am so sorry. Your brother was taking pictures and something happened and I don’t know.” At this point I’m like, “Marcus, spit it out. What happened?” Marcus tells me my brother gets kicked off set and kicked off the lot, at which point I’m like ‘WHAT”. I was so so upset. I turn a corner and Nikki is just laughing her ass off. Nikki’s prank was next level.

Prune: What kind of character do you like to play normally? Are you happy to play the heartthrob like in Famous in Love, or do you want to move on to something edgier?

Charlie DePew: I really want to play a past president. I really want to play Superman. I also want to play Frank Sinatra. I really like All-American characters. I’m a patriot myself, I love America. I like stories about hard working Americans that were interesting. Frank Sinatra is kind of a badass, he wasn’t who he said he was and had a whole mysterious side to him. John F. Kennedy would be awesome to play. I have only played the bully or the cute friend, so edgy would be so different and a lot of fun.

Prune: Who do you look up to most in Hollywood?

Charlie DePew: Another good question. I think Heath Ledger was pretty awesome. He was playing very interesting roles and no role he ever played was similar to the last one. Yet they all compounded his career. People who can do everything like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, I think they are incredible. They are the youngest people to win an Academy Award for screenplay and most people don’t realize that.

Prune: What about at home?

Charlie DePew: I really look up to my uncle Gary. He is a really talented person. He’s a lot like me, we both do a lot of different things. He started as an actor and ended up producing. I really look up to him as a person.

Blazer - Dunyah

Prune: Yes. What has been your favorite red carpet event you’ve attended thus far? After parties are included in this question.

Charlie DePew: I’ve only really done a couple. My best friend’s dad is the director of Frozen so we went to a lot of cool ones with him growing up. The Surfs Up premiere was really fun, his dad directed that as well. The biggest one definitely was the TCA’s. People snapping pictures, and right now my Facebook profile picture is a picture from the TCA’s.

Prune: Last but not least, let's talk about the future. What should we look out for? What can we expect from you in 2017?

Charlie DePew: Well of course, Famous in Love. Second to Famous in Love, I have a movie coming out with J.K. Simmons. That and, I have a business called Respark. It is a digital marketing company focusing on ways to integrate marketing for companies rather than interrupt people's content. We’ve been doing business now for about two and a half years. Right now we’re working on an application called Toybox. It is set to come out in June as of now. It’s all going to a huge app, I can’t tell you yet what it does but it is going to be really cool.





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